Geek Party

This year we have a great community bar at the BarCamp venue so so have decided to open it up to all in the evening. If you want to join us for a drink or two, or three, or four then come along in the evening.

Following the ethos of and supported by The Geekest Drink we will be sticking with the format of being a bunch of geeks around a table with beer, but with a few geeky games around the building, and visiting geeks who you would not normally get to meet.

We are officially starting at 7:30, but come whenever you like.

We have a silver screen

Did I mention that one of the benefits of being in a cinema is that we have a very large screen and flashy digital projector allowing us to show from a DVD or laptop? In the evening we will probably throw up a few films from sing-alongs to documentaries. If you have something you would like to watch on the big screen then let us know ASAP and we will try and get permission to show it.