Getting to BarCampNorthEast3

With less than a week to go we are being asked about direction and parking. As promised here is a quick guide. Remember that it is the Life Lab entrance you are heading to that is next to the conference centre entrance. We also have a map online, and if you get lost then you can call us on 07767 655 359.

By Train: The easiest way to get to BarCamp is by train from Newcastle station. Turn left when exiting the station and the big and colourful Centre for Life will be in front of you. Turn left at the building before going under the arch and logo, and go to the Life Lab entrance next to the conference centre entrance.

By Metro: Take the Metro to Central Station and go up the escalators to the station concourse. Follow the train instructions from there. (Note a bus replacement service is operating between Chillingham Road to St James on Sunday because of engineering work).

By Coach: The back entrance of the National Express coach station is opposite the Centre for Life. Leave the station through the lane to the east and you will see the venue. The Life Lab entrance is the other side of the centre so you will need to walk around the outside and not enter the square.

By Bus: There are many buses that stop at or around the station. There are two travel planners that should help you find your best bus to the station. Follow the train instructions from there.

By Car: The venue and the station have secure parking but both are expensive. We are recommending parking at Blandford Square (in front of the discovery museum) instead that will cost around £5 for the weekend. You could also consider parking out of the centre and taking the Metro to the venue.

Note that if you are dropping off equipment there is a service road you can gain access from Forth St. You can drop off everything and then continue directly to Blandford Square from there.