We have a decision to make…

Today we have confirmation that we can not use the venue through the night. The venue themselves have been behind the overnight, but the building is part of the station complex and, and it is they are not happy. Unfortunately we can not secure access between us and the rest of the station, if for no other reason that this is our emergency exit.

We now have three options…

  1. Stay with our current venue until 1am and forget the overnight.
  2. Stay with our current venue and find somewhere else to stay. This venue is likely to be a scout hall 10 minute drive away, and we will put on a mini bus or taxis.
  3. Move the entire BarCamp to another venue. We have been offered a backup venue in Sunderland, but we will have to use a different space on the Saturday and Sunday, and will need to swap over at 7am.

We need to make this decision quickly so I thought I would just throw it out there. There are 7 people who said they would only come if it was an overnight. What are your thoughts?

5 Replies to “We have a decision to make…”

  1. TBH I had no idea it was meant to be an overnight event!! This is my first BarCamp so I have no idea what to expect. I thought it was over 2 days but not an actual overnight event. Can you maybe elaborate on what to expect?

  2. A good question. A BarCamp traditionally continues through the night and people who want to stay over bring a sleeping bag. Some sessions continue later on, there are often a few people who get together and do some coding. Most people play various games until a stupid time in the morning, and generally we tend to socialise until we fall asleep. From a practical point of view it means participants don’t need to find somewhere to stay, but it also generates a really good friendly atmosphere.

  3. I’m not one of the seven but my preference would be #2, #3 and then #1.

    When are you aiming to make a decision by?

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