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Room names

You know how you think everything in hand but then you remember something that you forgot about. Well we have just remembered no final decision was made on the room names. We agreed that famous Romans would be cool but never decided which ones. Have you any suggestions or preferences? Our list of suggestions is

We have more tickets

With less that a week to go we still have some tickets available. If you know someone who might be interested in coming then please persuade them to come. If you have a blog then please blog that you are going. If you are interested in coming but are not certain it is for you then

Venue confirmed

Following the almost unanimous feedback we have decided to stick with our current venue and find somewhere else to stay overnight. So registration will open at 10am in the Centurion as originally advertised. Just head in to the bar and look for the regitration desk at the far end. We are working on the place

We have a decision to make…

Today we have confirmation that we can not use the venue through the night. The venue themselves have been behind the overnight, but the building is part of the station complex and, and it is they are not happy. Unfortunately we can not secure access between us and the rest of the station, if for

Spread the word

Half the places are now gone, and people continue to signup, but we can not continue to rely on this just happening on it’s own. BarCamp is made by the people attending so we need to spread the word. The first rule about BarCamp is that “You do talk about BarCamp”, and the second is

Are you coming from London?

If you are coming to BarCampNorthEast2 via London Keving Price is organising a group discount from National Express. If you would like to save some money on the train then let him know, or contact us so we can pass your details across. Update: The train is now a bus, and there is an Upcoming page